Toronto's Newest Furry Convention

Floof!! held it's first large event on Feb 3rd 2018, it had an attendance that far surpassed our expectations, with everyfur having a flooftasic time​!

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Floof!! 2020 RPG 

February 7-8th

A few highlights from Floof! 2019

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IMG_3596 - Copy
IMG_3688 - Copy

Floof!! 2019 would like to give a special thanks to @EnviroHoosk on Twitter for all the fantastic pictures from Floof!! 2019!

A Flooftastic Weekend!

With thanks to Jason Finigan

An event like this wouldn't be possible without our amazing, commited Staff!

Shay /Airy Styles is our floofy Con-Chair that brought together all our flooftastic staff to make this event possible!

Have a look for her at events like Howl, Kerfluffle, Anime North, Conbravo and Furnal Equinox!

Autumn Bolt is our enthusiastic game Floof that supplies all our video games and equipment to go with them!

Have a look for him at events like Furnal Equinox and Conbravo!

Inari is our Fluffbutt at the desk that makes sure everyfur gets their badge!

Have a look for her at events like Anime North and Conbravo!

Spike, our Flooftastic Director, coming with background knowledge in Event Planning and Operations, he is our 'Top Pup' on the job to make sure we get the job done, and to make sure you all have a Flooftastic Weekend yourselves!

Rhu is our "jack of all trades, master of many"! He helps out with our technical stuff, security and general event cordination.

Have a look for him at events like, Howl, Kerfluffle , and Furnal Equinox!

Hojo is our little ball of never ending floofed up energy! She makes sure to keep all you furs up to date on our Social Media. And contributes lots of awesome ideas for our smaller events throughout the year!

Have a look on her Twitter: @Hojozilla

Skylier is our Magical Unicron who runs around the convention using his magical unicorn powers to makes sure everything stays flooftastic and wonderful! He also makes sure the rest of the floofy staff aren’t getting their fur all scuffed up!

And a big thanks to all our

super secret ninja staff that help keep everything running smoothly!